Email 2 Sugar Free Trial: SugarCRM Automatic Email Archiving

SugarCRM automated email archiveEmail 2 Sugar is a smart, automated email to SugarCRM archiving tool, developed by Loaded Technologies.

What does Email 2 Sugar do at a glance?

  • Supports the same email clients that SugarCRM supports 'out of the box': Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo!, and IMAP based email servers
  • Automated email archiving to SugarCRM Lead, Contact and Account modules – wherever a match is identified the email will display in the history of that module
  • Emails are related to multiple records where applicable – if an email contains multiple email addresses, it’ll be related to all modules with matching records
  • Automatic email attachment archiving
  • Unread email notifications

What are the key benefits?

  • Improves CRM data integrity – all related interactions are stored & visible in one place
  • Improves productivity – saves time by eliminating manual email archiving
  • Improves accuracy - reduces errors and omissions through automation
  • Improves responsiveness and CRM adoption - gives people access to accurate information in one place

What does E2S cost?

Email 2 Sugar pricing is based on your SugarCRM licence numbers and is $4 per user per month.

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