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Loaded CRM SmartStart - SugarCRM Onboarding Packages

Ensure your SugarCRM investment delivers maximum value, fast, with Loaded CRM SmartStart. We've created this unique set of onboarding options to help our clients lock in CRM best practice and to ensure they have immediate access to a powerful toolkit to drive sales, marketing and customer service productivity, as well as user adoption.

Loaded CRM SmartStart gives you:

  • An enhanced SugarCRM application for the standard SugarCRM licence fees, incorporating a wide range of features over-and-above what you receive out-of-the-box with SugarCRM. These free features and proprietary Loaded plug-ins are valued at over $4000
  • The option to lock in user adoption and gain traction even faster, with a cost-effective Get Traction onboarding services package that includes discovery, configuration refinement, training and a SugarCRM user guide
  • Loaded's cloud based hosting service - a robust hosting solution at a very competitive price
  • Great value: starting at AUD45 + GST per user per month: includes SugarCRM Professional licence and cloud hosting.

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